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High-Capacity Trays

Revamps with increased capacities for existing columns require thoughtful choice of the applied technology. Trays and internals have to be optimized for proper function under the new hydraulic conditions.
RASCHIG JAEGER supplies high-capacity trays that allow you to further increase the capacity of your columns.
Nye Tray BildNye Trays
Using the Nye-Technology the capacity of a tray can be increased by up to 10% to 30%.
The improved shape of the donwcomer outlet reduces the tray pressure drop and enhances the liquid-vapor contact. The liquid discharge from the downcomer gets eased what increases the downcomer capacity.
For revamps an additional advantage is the fact that in most cases Nye trays can be applied without the need of welding at the column shell. Nye trays are favorable to a large variety of applications and are already used in hundreds of columns.


CoFlow Trays
The patented design of the CoFlow trays allows increasing the vapor and liquid load at equal or even improved separation efficiency.
On the tray the liquid and vapor run in co-current flow. The liquid is systematically entrained by the vapor flow.

Above the tray liquid and vapor are separated from each other, the liquid is conducted to the downcomer and down to the tray below.

Liquid entrainment is desired, this permits high vapor velocities, vapor loads, and thus high vapor capacities.

The liquid is already separated from the vapor befor it flows into the downcomer. This increases the downcomer capacity.
The high turbulence on the tray leads to a highly efficient mass transfer.
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