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Ring Division
We are Raschig
A traditionally strong, innovative team

Customized Designs

As every application can have its unique conditions, there are often special requirements for the design and construction of column trays.
Liegende Kolonne
The trays can be designed for installation from top or bottom, in vertical or horizontal position, depeding on the customer requirements.
Cartridge Trays
Cartridge Trays
Special design for small column diameters.
Special Mechanical Requirements
The trays can be designed with increased stiffness. Up to now we have realized trays to withstand pressure surges up to 20 kN/m².
To endure even higher loads the trays can be equipped with explosion doors.
PTFE Glockenkappe
RASCHIG JAEGER manufactures trays and components in
     - carbon steels
     - stainless steels
     - nonferrous metals, e.g.  nickel, copper
     - special alloys, e.g. Monel, Hastelloy
     - plastics, e.g. PTFE
This is only a small selection of the possibilities we have to develop a tray solution that fits your application.
What can we do for you?

Your wish and your expectation are our challenge!

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