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Distributor with Gas Risers Type DR 3

Liquid distributors of the DR3 type are intended for use in columns with diameters 1200mm. The distributor consists of a pan with rectangular slits or triangular notches as discharge orifices for the liquid in the riser pipes, which also serve as gas risers. In addition, a ring-shaped gas entry cross-section is provided between the inner wall of the column and the outer perimeter of the pan. The advantage of the slits and notches in the risers is that they are less prone to fouling than perforations in the underside. The risers in the base of the pan are arranged in such a way that they ensure a supply of liquid to the cross-sectional area of the column which is as uniform as possible.

The distributor is used for liquid velocities > 5 m³/m²h and gas capacity factors up to 1 Pa0.5. The standard loading range of the distributor is 3:1

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