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Liquid Redistributor Type RP 1

Redistributors of the type RP1 are used in columns with a diameter of D >1200mm. The liquid redistributor has the task of collecting and redistributing the liquid falling from an upper packed bed. It can also be designed in the form of a feed distributor. The RP1 consists of distributor troughs which are open in the direction facing the column wall, allowing transfer to take place over the entire distributor base. In larger columns with diameters D>1500 mm, the troughs are centerline connected by means of transverse troughs which are supported by a support beam. The ends of the gas risers are sealed by means of spacer plates in the area of the support ring.
The distributor is used for liquid velocities > 5 m³/m²h and gas capacity
factors up to 2.5 Pa0.5. The standard loading range of the distributor is 2:1

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