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We are Raschig
A traditionally strong, innovative team


In 1891 Fritz Raschig, a lifelong enthusiastic chemist, opened his own
chemical factory in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Initially focussed on tar
distillation, he also developed methods of producing highly purified tar
components such as anthracene, carbolic acid and benzene. Today, he
is best-known to every student of chemistry and engineering for his
breakthrough in distillation technology, the revolutionary "Raschig Ring".

Then, as today, RASCHIG remains the obvious choice: for innovative
chemicals, high performance thermoset resins, fast-acting road repair
materials or cutting-edge process technology equipment.

Our tradition is and continues to be one of growth, progress and

RASCHIG is a proud member of PMC Global Incorporated, headquartered in Sun Valley, California, USA.


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