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LMW Strengthens the Raschig Group

Press Release

LMW Strengthens the Raschig Groupe

Effective July 31, 2018, the Ludwig Michl GmbH (“LMV”) will join the Raschig Group, who has acquired 100% of LMV’s shares.

Raschig is a recognized, international player in the chemical and mass transfer industries, employing approximately 500 employees worldwide and generating turnover of approximately 140 million Euro per year. Raschig is a member of American PMC Global Inc. group.

LMW employs 80 persons and generates sales of approximately 10 million EUR/year in the areas of metal working, machine part fabrication, and fabrication of internals and trays for distillation and mass transfer applications.

Raschig’s international presence will allow us to market our mass transfer products and services on a global basis. Raschig gains an extension of its distillation tray product lines, and will realize additional synergies through the cooperation between the businesses.
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